All About Guitar Side Bending

Bending guitar sides is one of the most difficult guitar building operations there is. This informative website, brought to you by Georgia Luthier Supply, is your source for everything that has to do with guitar side bending! From informative articles and side bending tutorials to plans for heated and unheated side benders and even complete side bending machines, we have everything you need to bend your guitar sides perfectly every time!

Use the links below to learn more about bending guitar sides:

Side Bender Plans: This section of our website provides plans and information for building your own side benders. We have information and plans for heated side benders for both guitars and ukeleles as well as unheated side benders. Building your own side bending system is economical and simple and using a side bending system is the best way to bend your guitar sides!

Side Bending Systems: If you don’t want to build your own heated side bender, you can purchase one from us – completely assembled and ready to go. This section of our site includes information about our side bending systems – including heating blankets, temperature controllers, and more!

Guitar Side Bending Tutorials: Here you’ll find a variety of illustrated articles and videos that detail exactly how to bend your guitar sides using a side bending system. We’ve built hundreds of guitars and bent hundreds of sides. You’ll learn how to work with different wood, tricks we’ve learned, and how to avoid common side bending mistakes!

Hardware & Extra Items: This section is devoted to all the extra items you may need to build or use your side bender – such as hardware, heating blankets, digital temperature controllers, form inserts, and more.

Georgia Luthier Supply isĀ  more than just side benders! We are your source for all of your guitar building needs. We offer guitar plans, ukelele plans, tonewood, guitar tools, and much more. You can learn more about all of our guitar building products here!




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